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Fill the door bottom crevice; no more dust, noise or insect – Keep the room quieter & cleaner


Block the cross of hot & cold air, makes heating and cooling more efficient & reduce electric cost.


Conveniently moves with the door – no need to constantly bend down to re-position.


Just go along one end through the gap in the door’s bottom no screws, nails or glue. 


High-quality material, odourless, waterproof & durable, soft, will not damage floor & door.


  • Material:  Non-woven + EPE Foam cotton
  • Color: Gray, Black, White
  • Size: as the image show


Tony Povey
Verified Buyer

This thing is great and is easy to adjust to your door size and assemble in minutes. The best thing is it really works to cut down on noise. I live in a condo and my son recently came to live with us for a few months. Every morning we woke him up by just opening doors and getting around. Since we installed the noise blocker we no longer wake him up. Great product for a great price!

April Davison
Verified Buyer

I had to get another one for my front door I love it so much! This thing is amazing. I have a spare room to the side of my basement apartment. It is the only room that has not been renovated. It’s basically just a utility room with a heavy, sliding, glass door to the outside. Creep crawlies would get in that room from the outside & then the door separating my apartment from this utility room has a gap that’s the height of a quarter. I got this. It works perfectly. Usually I can stand there & actually see the ants come in. One after the other. Since installing this... They’re not getting in! I’m surprised it sealed it off so well! It does it’s job when it comes to sealing. Not sure about sound canceling.

Keiran Slater
Verified Buyer

My mom needed this for her back door. Her previous solution involved plastic bag stuffed into the small crevices underneath the door, and every time a person needed to use the door she had to reconfigure. My mom has a nice place, so the plastic bags solution needed to go. I ordered this for her, and even though she’s using it on an outside door it’s working really well because she has a storm door. It arrives in several pieces. It has a fabric exterior with Styrofoam rods that you must place inside. It’s fairly intuitive, I never looked at any instructions. It also has a latch that connects to the door which keeps this product in place. I chose a color that goes well with her kitchen and it looks great, and it’s working much better than the previous system.

Arfa Bray
Verified Buyer

This is a great product. Ever since I had the floors replaced in my condo the front door has a much bigger gap underneath it which leads to the hallway. This resulted in loss of AC, heat, and air exchange. It also means hallway smells and sounds come into my place. I considered adding a permanent attachment to the door or building some sort of extension onto the bottom of my front door. But I figure if I change the flooring again or the condo management decides on new doors I may run into a similar situation. This is a wonderful solution. It’s easy to use, quick, and effective. This also stopped the air leakage and formed a tight seal. I got the grey color because my flooring is a grey color.

Viktoria Potts
Verified Buyer

This specific brand is great! All the issues you think might pop up with this product have been solved. 1) The styrofoam tube size is large enough and sturdy enough for the 1 1/2" gap under our doors, 2) when we cut the tubes down to the 30" size of our doors, there's a strip of velcro to keep the extra material secure no matter what size it's cut to, 3) the shifting that occurs when you open and close the door is not a problem with this brand because there's a sticky strip to attach to the inside end of the door, and 4) there's even extra room in case the material shrinks in the wash. I would highly recommend this brand. Definitely worth the extra few dollars we spent. High quality and they thought of everything.

Jan Sears
Verified Buyer

I’ve tried two different brands of drafter stoppers and I’ve had to throw one away and return the other. They were absolutely horrible and cheap. They wouldn’t move along with the door and would get stuck or come off. My mother actually bought one from this seller and loved it. So I gave it a try and bought two. It’s worth the money. This draft stopper is the best! The foam is bigger than the other brands I’ve tried, it moves with the door and it also adheres to the door. I’m glad I’ve made this purchase!

Janet Frazier
Verified Buyer

It was pretty easy to install. I measured the rolls to what my door fits. I cut it to what the outer part of the door and inner part part of the door. I didnt use the tape because it don't need to. If you truly want some stuffing, you can go to a craft store to get more of the cotton or synthetic fibers. I always felt so cold in my room for the longest time because the house has a crawl space and draft goes through the house. When I placed it several days ago, the draft just stopped. I don't feel cold anymore especially during the Winter months. It works so far so good.

Aqeel Moran
Verified Buyer

We had one of those flimsy ones that would slide underneath the door unless you taped it on. I had put duct tape all around it and taped it to the back door. It was a nice decorative tape, but it still didn't look that great. It finally came off due to the hot weather here breaking down the adhesive. We looked at new ones and this one seemed the sturdiest. We liked that it had a nice Velcro that would attach to the inside of the side of the door, not directly in the front or the back to be showing. The size of the "pool noodles" were a winning factor, too. We crossed our fingers and ordered and I am so glad we did. After attaching the Velcro to the door and inserting the noodles, we slid it under the front side of the door and voila! It fit perfectly. Sound, dust, bugs, heat, a/c are no match for this now. So glad we tried this! No more duct taping thin nylon with puny noodles! Even if the heat does melt the adhesive for the Velcro, the noodles are large enough where they will not be jamming under the door!

Matylda May
Verified Buyer

I ordered the color "brown". It is pictured as brown both online and on the picture on the packaging. Yet the actual product is not brown at all, but an ugly mustard color. It doesn't go with my home's coloring scheme at all and looks completely out of place. I really wanted BROWN. Very disappointed. Other than the color, good product. We put ours on thick carpet and it opens/closes smoothly without any problems, thanks to the velcro that attaches to the door. Good design, horrible color misrepresentation.

Lucia Fritz
Verified Buyer

Very easy to trim and install. I think I cut the styrofoam to length with a butter knife or child scissors or something lame like that and it wasn't super neat, but it worked and you can't tell once it's in the sleeve. Works well to keep out neighbors smells and reduce noise. Only drawback was my dogs who decided that it was a new chew toy and chewed half of one side. I was super annoyed. But then I yelled at the dogs , turn the thing around so that the chewed part faces outside into the Hall and now no one cares. Still works great!

Olivia-Rose Webb
Verified Buyer

Sweet mother of all thats holy. I’m married to a loud very loud, Italian man. He was working from home what with a global pandemic and all. His loud and constant calls were ruining the whole vibe of our house lol. Lots of wood and metal. A home that was designed for looks not loud phone calls. Remembered these things exist and omg. Second part of our life has started again. I’ve walked into the office a few times while he’s on the phone AND I HAD NO IDEA. A literal dream. The room is also hot as well so highly recommend it to those who live in cold climates as it clearly traps heat.

Katerina Payne
Verified Buyer

My door does not lie flush with the floor, so there's light spilling in from the other room. It's annoying enough that i finally decided to do something about it. I researched a few products before i decided to go with this one. My expectations weren't too high, because it's reasonably priced, but i was surprised when i got it. It was very, very simple to assemble and the pieces and fabric look well made. Now that it's in place, i can not see any light coming into the room and noises sound muffled. That's a big improvement. It's a small adjustment, but it makes a huge difference. The only negative i can find, for some people, is that the fabric looks a little baggy once in place and it's wrinkled. All in all, i am very happy with the product so far.

Garin Warner
Verified Buyer

We have to put a cat up in a separate room at night and we have tile floor in the room but carpet starts outside the door. She does NOT like being in there and would dig under the door and started tearing up my carpet! I tried cat sticky tape and a myriad of other things to no avail. Then I stumbled across this and it COMPLETELY stops her from being able to put a paw under the door. It doesn't hurt her either if she claws at it and I don't care if she destroys it, I'll just buy a new one! It was easy to cut the Styrofoam to size to our door and it just slips right under, SO EASY. I'm sure this works great for drafts as well for its intended use since it is a complete seal, but it is absolutely perfect for what I needed it for. I'd give it ten stars if I could.

Kathleen Fountain
Verified Buyer

I got this draft stopper and it really met two needs for me: 1. I use this on my home office door to keep it from swinging open or slamming closed. Cats push it open and wind slams it closed, but no more. I was using a doorstop to try and manage that, but it was a hassle. There is just enough resistance between this device and my carpet to keep the door from swinging around. It is still easy enough to open and close when needed. 2. I work from home and use a space heater in my office during the winter so I'm not heating the entire house all day just to keep it comfortable in my office. This draft stopper does a great job keeping the heat in while allowing to keep the door open just enough for my cats to come and go.

Jokubas East
Verified Buyer

The product works pretty well. I live in an apartment complex where there is constant issue of mice running in and out of our room from under eat our door. But since since installing the door draft, not one critter has entered the room. This item has always managed to cancel the noise from our room, which is great to reduce disturbances. While this product was easy to install, the only problem was that it was not sliding smoothly as I was opening and shutting the door. At times I had to super glue the door draft up by the door because it would get stuck to the ground. The reason is because inside our room is hardwood floor, but outside our room is Carpet.

Damien Nash
Verified Buyer

This item was purchased to help with the noise and air flow problems in our guest bedroom. The return vent is right outside this door and guests we're always complaining how hot it got. I believe it was because the air was getting sucked out faster than it was going in through the vent in the ceiling. I trimmed the draft guard to fit, put it in its gray casing and slid under the door. It immediately started to help. According to the room thermometer it is now two degrees cooler with the door shut. It doesn't sound like much but it makes a big difference at night while trying to sleep. This item also helps reduce noise in the room. Overall this was a good purchase and I will make it again if needed in any other rooms.

Lily-Anne Wilkerson
Verified Buyer

It was easy to put together. It looks cute and slips on the door very easily. It stays anchored to the underside of the door with included tape/ Velcro strips. They work really well. We use this on a heavily used entry door and it’s never come off. Idk if it helps a lot with the sound per say but that’s because the door opens onto tile and our door was not installed properly (has a large gap from the door to the floor) so other than a replacement door and sound barrier there’s only so much cloth can do. But it helps with the draft and assists with the sound. I like the pattern. Probably on the pricey side for what it is, but I’m satisfied with it.

Felix Chandler
Verified Buyer

We tried everything to get rid of the noise between the two home office rooms in our house that are right next to each other. With flat walls, hardwood floors, and a shared wall, we could hear everything from the other room. While this product did not remove all noise, boy did it reduce it by a lot!!!! There is a large gap between the door and the hardwood floor where noise was spilling out into the hallway and becoming a nuisance to my office partner. This small upgrade did more for the sound proofing than our corner base traps and wall sound proofing. If you have a sound problem and there is a gap below your door, buy this now!

Nishat Mcmillan
Verified Buyer

This draft blocker was super quick and easy to install. It's a well thought out design. I just measured my door frame at the narrowest point, marked the foam, then sliced through it with a knife. You just slide the foam into the sleeves and the way that they've attached the velcro closing strip lengthwise means you don't have to make any sewing changes - it easily adapts to whatever foam length you're using. So slide the foam in, fold down the fabric, attach the velcro, slide it under the door, take the paper off the sticky velcro stopper strip and stick it on the edge of the door to help hold it in place. Super easy. It seriously took me less than a minute. The product is effective as well, it even slides over the rug I have in front of the door with no problem. A great deal. I bought another for the other bedroom in my house too.

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