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Natural Pet Stimulation!

The Stimulating Floppy Fish Doggo Toy is PAWFECT for play time with the doggos! It can help keep your fur-baby both mentally & physically stimulated for HOURS!!

Contact Motion Sensor!

The Floppy Fish Doggo Toy has a silent contact motion sensor! It automatically starts once your doggo plays with the Floppy Fish & will automatically stop if your doggo stops touching it for a brief moment!

Safe For Your Fur Baby!

The Floppy Fish Doggo Toy has durable TPR-Grade padding that’s designed to withstand strong chewers! The durable padding has been trialed & tested 100’s of times to ensure that it can be safe for your pet to play with!

Rechargeable Battery!

The Floppy Fish has a USB-Rechargable battery that can last for up to 2 days of fun time for your doggos! It also comes with a complementary USB charging cable that can connect to any USB-Based Device!



Marnie Ingram
Verified Buyer

The thrashing shark is a hoot for small dogs. It was a startling initial introduction but the mini schnauzer herds it into many farsical situations!

Iris Huber
Verified Buyer

IMO- the toy does not seem appropriate for med-large dogs. The inner ‘flop’ inducing machine, once clamped by bigger dog jaws, or shaken/shredded could become a medical Harvard: chipped or broken tooth/ingestion of the power unit parts. But for dogs under 15 pounds, this toy is great…for the dog or cat in your home.

Dewey Mullen
Verified Buyer

After awhile the mechanism slips sideways and it goes from tail-wagging shark to humping shark which is hilarious and gets the dog's attention more anyway since it actually bobs up and down on the ground making noise. I had my wife come up stairs wondering what the methodical "bumping" noise was though, lol.

Shania Rowland
Verified Buyer

This is my second shark purchase. The other one lasted about a year before my dog was able to chew through it and break the motor. Out of all the interactive wiggly toys, this one has the most padding to it. The fish don't have enough stuffing and tend to break after a while because there's nothing protecting the power pack inside. The sharks motor sits in the body where most of the stuffing is and is accessed through a velcro opening inside the shark's mouth. Comes with it's own charging cable and the motor can be removed or left inside the toy while charging. There's an on/off switch so it doesn't keep wiggling around while it's charging or if your pet needs a time out. The body of the motor is cased in plastic for better protection. You'll see a red light inside the power pack while it's charging and once the battery is full the red light will turn off to indicate a full charge. I'd say a full charge lasts about a week give or take. Depends how often your pet plays with it. My dog likes to give her shark a few maulings with the occasional burial two or three times a week. It's by far one of her favorite toys to play with. That and the yipping ball that bounces and vibrates. She's still a puppy at heart and hasn't slowed down one bit. Having these interactive toys has helped keep her engaged and given her something more entertaining than a squeaky toy. To me, it's a very small price to pay for my dogs happiness.

Frederick Schwartz
Verified Buyer

This is super durable. Our Schnauzer's favorite toy was the floppy carp but its rechargeable battery wasn't working anymore. NOW he LOVES his Sharky! It flops just like the carp and its squishy like a dog toy should be. It even has crinkle in the fins and a squeaker in the nose. The only issue is the mechanics that make it flop can sometimes rotate inside and flops like a dolphin instead of a shark, but our dog does not care at all. It flops therefore it must die and be carried around the house.

Wiktor Calhoun
Verified Buyer

We recently got a 12 week old puppy and he's got crazy energy. I saw this toy and thought he might like it. He absolutely loves it. He plays with it till it needs to be charged again. Then he played with it again. A great toy!

Summer Haines
Verified Buyer

I've purchased the floppy fish toys before but I found those to be easy to crack with biting (the battery case that is) and the fish are so slimy once played with by my dog. This toy is very substantial and well put together. Padded enough he hasn't chewed through or broken the battery pack. Not slimy when he's done playing with it. He even dropped it in our pool once (kind of him to know sharks need water to live) :) I was able to dry it out and it still works!

Francesca Kelley
Verified Buyer

My dog is so fond of this toy that when it is being recharged, she sits and waits for it. She plays with it every day and I have not seen any wear on it. I would of thought that this was just a cat thing. However, my dog loves how it flaps around.

Ayla Sandoval
Verified Buyer

I have a small 5 pound dog and she goes nuts over this thing. Thankful it’s rechargeable because she plays with it more than any other toy.

Ned Stephenson
Verified Buyer

My dog loves this shark but if you have a chewer do NOT leave them alone with it lol, but he has a blast with it.

Kirsty Alvarez
Verified Buyer

Ok first of all this is a great toy and I highly recommend. I have a beagle puppy and she enjoyed it for a short time. However she ended up chewing into the toy and got to the plastic piece and I had to take it away and destroy. Needless to say it didn't last a month. Now if you have a small dog it would probably last longer. Best of luck!

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