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Prepare Holiday gifts in advance
This trimmer is a must-have for every man

Here’s the best CLOSE-CUTTING, carbon-steel T-blade trimmer for hair outlining, designing, and dry shaving.

The Gold Knight close-cutting trimmers are a must-have for detail work on hair, beards, and mustaches. Ability to trim your beard and hair quickly and cleanly. You can use it to create any style.

Cordless Hair Cutter – Mini cordless hair clipper makes it easy for you to self hair cutting, suitable for both adults and children to use safely.

Best gifts for men/dad/husbands/boyfriends/women/moms for 🎁Father’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year and other holidays for haircutting and beard trimming. Get your family looking great and save money.


  • Easy to hold in hand this will be the only trimmer you will ever need in your arsenal.
  • Fast Charge: Environmentally friendly lithium battery,1200mah Large capacity battery
  • The Close-cutting, carbon-steel T-blade for lining, designing and dry shaving – Zero gapped

  • Powerful rotary motor for increased speed, power, and life
  • Features constant speed technology; won’t drag or stall through heavy and thick hair types


  • Model: T9
  • Color: Black, Gold, Silver, Colorful
  • Power: 4.2W
  • Battery Capacity: 1200mAh
  • Charge Time: 3 hours
  • Working Time: 120mins
  • Compatible with Andis slimline blade
  • Charge Input: 5V 1A
  • Size: 1.3 inch(L) * 5.9 inch(H)


  • 1 x Hair Outliner Grooming Trimmer (With Box)
  • 1 x USB cable
  • 1 x Cleaning brush
  • 4 x Guide Comb (1.5/2/3/4mm)

Customer questions & answers

Q:How is the effect? Can I shave cleanly?

A:This trimmer is sturdy, heavy, zero gapped, and it works very well. Recommend fully.

Q:Tell me please, the machine is professional? is it worth taking?

A:Definitely a good thing, take it! Professional!

Q:Does it work loud? For the child I want

A:I trimmed my son’s hair with this hair trimmer. Cool, going well.

Q:Is this device good enough to shape the hairline?

A:Yes, they are very sharp and can be used to shape the hairline.


Preston P.
Verified Buyer

This trimmer got delivered to me a few days back. I have used it for my husband and kids. This multifunctional trimmer gives the smooth haircut, technically with no pain. Most amazing thing about this trimmer is that it has different trimming toolkits for different operations such as hair clipping, beard trimming, It is easy to clean as it is waterproof and the battery life is excellent. Totally satisfied with its performance!!!

Thomas B.
Verified Buyer

This trimmer comes in nice packaging. There are 3 blade combs ranging from 1mm to 3mm in length, plus a small brush for cleaning. The trimmer charges quickly. It provides a quiet, clean cut. Overall, very nice.

Kevin F.
Verified Buyer

This men's haircut and beard trimmer is very easy to use, it is complete, and the quality is great. It is easy to operate and easy to use. It can repair my hair and beard very well. I like it

Meghan B.
Verified Buyer

This is my own son to push, push pretty clean will not push the meat, voice is very small, the baby will not be afraid, with this more convenient, do not have to go on the street can be easily done at home, Xiao Bao tried, feel more relaxed, will not clip hair, shave very clean, the effect is very good, do not clip hair.

Joe C.
Verified Buyer

This is a great product. My husband had a stroke a while ago and although he has full use of his hands, he has no sensation in the right so clipping his own hair is a challenge. I'm now doing it and I used this for the first time and I'm pleased to say, it's easy to assemble the parts and to hold. Thrilled with this product

Dorinda Z.
Verified Buyer

The quality is really good. I like the fact it doesn't pull my hairs at all. You have different clips for various needs. Although it's not as light as those plastic made one, it definitely works better when having a haircut at home. I'm happy with this purchase.

Verified Buyer

The $20 Wal-Mart Red and Black Andis clippers didn't even last a year before they started getting painfully loud and snagging my hair. These oster fast feeds are far superior and shave like butter. Quiet operation and it has a thick power cord now that is Quality. I bought the white ceramic blade upgrade but haven't installed it yet. The standard setup didn't heat up on me at all. I guess the blade upgrade is recommended for commercial use.

William I.
Verified Buyer

Sounds really small oh, cutting head is sharp, BuKa hair don't clip hair good, shave hair effect is pretty good oh, very good a baby ✌ is very normal, a baby, with the rest assured, affordable, long hair has been very fast with the baby is not afraid, ready to manage the convenient and quick, shops of comb spacing have a just want to hair length can be cut at any time, a lot of convenience.

Verified Buyer

Purchased this product to avoid going to the barber in the midst of the pandemic, was my first time doing a self-cut from home and I am greatly satisfied with the end result! The barber better not hold their breath because I think this is a job I'll be handling from this point forward!

Verified Buyer

Overall quality item, compared to traditional clippers, one obvious advantage about the openness design is it is easy to clean. I also like the modern usb-c port which saves you one more charging cord.

Verified Buyer

Nice looking and gets the job done. I use this for fades/tapers. Obviously, the gold fx trimmer is the one you want, but this will get the job done for a much cheaper price. Recommend this to anyone, especially beginners on a budget or people that just want to line themselves up at home

Verified Buyer

My husband love them thanks his hair and beard

Gregg P.
Verified Buyer

It works perfectly for trimming and shaping my beard. I've also used it to create a few cuts to my kiddos hair and he's liking it. Would defintely recommend this.

Richard L.
Verified Buyer

it was scary for my kids to cut their hair, but with this hair clipper front end doesn't overheat and burn the skin or catch hair, this is a fantastic hair clipper and my kids are no longer afraid to cut their hair, forgot something, it is too quite.

Verified Buyer

It a very good trimmer and a lot better than my Remington trimmer.The blades are sharp and it cuts very well, a lot faster than my previous one.The attachments are plenty and sit snug.The trimmer attachment is a big plus actually. I thought I wouldn't need it but it was handy to have it.The build quality is excellent! And it's made in the USA!

Verified Buyer

I’m still experimenting with this but its so cool! During covid I’ve had to learn to cut my kids hair and I don’t think i’m half bad! Got these seeing the cool designs we could do. Started really basic with this zigzag and lines on the other side. My 5 year old thinks its rad and I’m excited to venture into more complicated shapes and lengths. I like that this device is cordless, doesn’t cut the skin and is light and compact. It comes woth a few attachment lengths so you could do your entire haircut with just this.

Verified Buyer

I was instantly drawn to these because of the beautiful copper color. They work great, and I love that they're cordless.

Eric W.
Verified Buyer

I found the good trimmer. I cut hair for my boys at home in pandemic. I trim by old trimmer but they feel hot. I used new trimmer 2 times , my boys like it. It is sharp, not hot, and light, and easy to design hair stype.

Verified Buyer

I accidently sent this to my father-in-law- and had to order another as he fell in love with the first one, didn't have the heart to tell him it was a mistake-haha. Love it as much as he dose it turns out! This is a great product, I love it, thanks!

Verified Buyer

First, I am so satisfied with the quick delivery and second it is great clippers to save us money and keep us from going to the barber shop! The instructions are clearly written. My two kids looks great. A great price better grab them quick you will be happy. Cut hair easily and runs quite. Nice kit and worth the price.

Verified Buyer

Exactly what my husband needed to trim our two year old’s hair. He doesn’t sit still easily and this helped make an even fade and clean up the edges. My husband also liked that he could easily clean up his beard instead of hauling out his razor. Great trimmer.

Verified Buyer

During Covid-19, my husband’s fantastic clippers and perfect guard equipment. I have never cut my hair before, but no matter whether the quarantine is lifted or not, I plan to move on! These quick cuts make Soo so easy and convenient, keeping my husband neat and handsome! Excellent value for money, I like this brand.

Paul C.
Verified Buyer

Cuts good took a bit of getting used to have to hold flatter than my last trimmer to get it to cut good since my last one was a shorter plastic cover for height. Once I figured that out it did its job. Can't comment on battery life yet since I haven't run long enough. So far pleased with it.

Verified Buyer

Awesome Clippers! Very sturdy and the feeling of great quality. 2 Speed motor, And type C charger. Love it, these are my new weekly trimmers!

Craig B.
Verified Buyer

Anyway, the truth is, these are the best hair clippers l have ever used. With the push of a button, the trimmer is easy to use, and the trimmer can make clean and precise cuts without harming people. The product is amazing, heavy, stylish and powerful. Definitely better than expected!

Alexi S.
Verified Buyer

After using this trimmer, I left it for a few weeks. When I took it out again, the battery was fully charged. These clippers have all the accessories we need and the price is very reasonable. I expect the battery is dead or at least half dead. I want to know what the battery life is. It's amazing. The battery/charge duration is longer than expected. Great product, I am glad I bought it.

Mark Grimes
Verified Buyer

Happy with this purchase. I have to cut my own hair now that this pesky virus is around. Worked up my courage and put on the 15mm comb and. The clippers are light, quiet, and the cut was smooth. My hair is comparably short so I also just used the nifty side combs for my ears. My haircut came out even and perfectly balanced. I won’t hesitate to cut my own hair again. Worth buying again!!

Margaret W.
Verified Buyer

Really needed a haircut, I watched a video on how to give yourself a haircut and I must admit this product was awesome. It was easy to use. My first self-haircut was a success.

Leon Carter
Verified Buyer

This kit is interchangeable and versatile.It has the best neckline and sideburn trimmer I have ever owned. Keeping the eyebrows trimmed is not so much of a hassle. The ear hair trimmer Used regularly over the past week and have loved it! Much easier to clean and apparently won't rust, at least not easily. A touch narrow, but plenty of functionality so one can trim pretty much anything. Amazing deal.

Trish T.
Verified Buyer

Got my first ever buzz cut with this little bad boy. I’ve never seen my life just disappear with my own eyes so quick. Took less than 5 minutes to get rid of my whole head of hair. It works great.

Sylvia Salinas
Verified Buyer

It’s safe and the size is perfect for travel. It works well. I ordered this one so I can put it in my makeup bag when I travel. This one comes with a small brush. So it’s easy to clean up.

Verified Buyer

I have been cutting my own hair for about 15 years with a traditional trimmer. I have used this trimmer 3 times now. At the end of my third time the battery is finally down to 80%. The trimmer does a very quick job leaving my hair very even. It is far more adjustable and maneuverable than anything else I have used. I highly recommend it.

Elizabeth Jennings
Verified Buyer

Pleasantly surprised with these! Tried to grab some ordinary clippers until the pandemic situation ends, but they were all sold out, had to get these instead. Work just fine, cordless feature is great. Thanks!

Nuha Mughrabi
Verified Buyer

A little nervous to buy since we had been through so many clippers. We wanted a pair that we could use on dogs and the occasional human if needed. We needed one that was super quiet to not scare our puppy but did not slack on power to cut through even our fluffiest dog. We have used it both on my fiance's hair and our dog and it works amazingly!!! Love that its wireless because we can just do all the cutting outside and not even need to worry about hair inside the house. Highly recommended to everyone!

Verified Buyer

Happy with this purchase. I have to cut my own hair now that this pesky virus is around. Worked up my courage and put on the 15mm comb and. The clippers are light, quiet, and the cut was smooth. My hair is comparably short so I also just used the nifty side combs for my ears. My haircut came out even and perfectly balanced. I won’t hesitate to cut my own hair again. Worth buying again!!

Miriam B. Willis
Verified Buyer

I by no means have any skills when it comes to hair, but I have been using clippers to cut my boyfriend's hair for years. The old Wahl clippers we had for almost that whole time, even new, couldn't compare to this bad boy. The Wahl clippers didn't hold a charge well, often got stuck/tangled in my boyfriend's thick, curly hair, and had too many attachments that it never fit right in the case it came with and thus it left the bathroom drawer cluttered. I thought that that was just how clippers were and in buying another one, we'd have the same luck. I was WRONG. I have cut my boyfriend's hair a few times now and it just glides through so easily, it almost seems like magic. There's no more pulling, tugging, or dead battery half way through. It does come with attachments but not so many that it takes up too much space and still allows for multiple lengths. I bought a lot of products off of Amazon during quarantine, and I can 100% say this is one of the best purchases.

Alison Gomez
Verified Buyer

With all the salons and barbers closed due to the covid quarantine, these hair clippers were much needed! They tamed a very shaggy mane quickly and easily! Held their charge, are sturdy, and high quality.

Luis Ebenezer
Verified Buyer

I love this trimmer. It's smooth, quick, and super sharp. The motor is powerful and the blades are sharp. Good one!

Ashleigh Vogel
Verified Buyer

With Covid closing hubby's barber, he asked me to give his haircut a try-an intimidating style for me. I used to own clippers and have given buzzes and simple high and tights for coworkers when I was in the Army. I bought these because they were available, honestly. Not a brand I knew. They're beautiful, comfortable to hold, and keep a nice long charge. But Americans beware - guards are in millimeters. Hubby says "the barber starts with a 1." Just eyeballing the guards I knew he couldn't possibly mean 1mm. I spent a really long time, starting long and working down so afraid of screwing up his hair, and the clippers cut smoothly the whole time. Well, it looks like a done-at-home haircut, but the clippers themselves are really nice.

Alicia schism
Verified Buyer

This set of hair clippers has very good quality. I am a person who cut my hair by myself and I need a great set of tool. They have preformed as expected. I have used the trimmers several times now. Easy to use. Nice product.

Verified Buyer

Got this for my husband and really likes it. Met all expectations. It was really worth the money glad I got it.

Alan B
Verified Buyer

I am a Barber for a living, and I saw these and they looked so cool I had to give them a try!!! I usually only buy name brand professional equipment from my beauty supplier but took a chance!! Well I tell you what! That chance was the best decision Ive made this year!!! These things cut great, and have impressed me beyond any expectation I had!! I also have to add that the battery life, and ease of charging VIA the USB port is SUPER impressive! Everything was included, even a set of nice guards! Now lets see how many haircuts I can give with these BADBOYS and how well they last!!

Verified Buyer

Using this trimmer was very easy and worked well going through my thick hair. I was surprised how well it handled! I like it!

Sonia Hoag
Verified Buyer

Very Easy To UseThis trimmer is actually great for everything. Also the heads themselves change whether you want to use if for a close shave or just a touch up. Overall it's the perfect tool for travel or daily use.

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